by Pelagic Zone

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Pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals - Martin 'Maui' Mundt
Drums, percussion, backing vocals - Peter Urban
Electric basses, backing vocals - Julian Bohne
Rhythm and lead guitars, lead vocals - Bernd Ubben
Additional lead vocals on 'Trees' - Birte Königshoff
Additional backing vocals on 'Wanted' - Käpt’n Henk Wagner
Recording, engineering, mixing, mastering - Peter Urban
Visual design - Julian Bohne


released May 25, 2013

All songs written, composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Pelagic Zone 2010 - 2013.



all rights reserved


Pelagic Zone Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: You Are Pen
You are pen and I am pencil
You’re plastic I am wood
What I write I'm free to alter
What you scribble you cannot
You are fossil and I am recycling
You burn once then you're gone
More than one use you can't imagine
I reinvent while you look on
I break the silence and I break the bread
I am the consciousness
That you never had before
I’m moving forward so please step aside
Or just get in and I’ll give you a ride
You're a car and I'm a scooter
You have to stand at traffic lights
I squeeze between the lines of traffic
As you are waiting I can ride
You're a line and I'm a circle
You start at A you end at B
I go around I never finish
Always where I want to be
I choose my path while you get told to
What to do for someone else
I'm free to travel foreign places
You stay at home it's what you know
Track Name: Hummingbird
Sun comes up
Where sea meets sky
The smell of hops is in the air
We dropped anchor years ago
Ever since our time does fly
Hummingbird sing another song
For this moment
Won´t last that long
Stop the clocks just this one time
So I can ease your mind
We set the sails and off we go
A moment´s peace
For the two of us
Through the years
We sure have learned
The sun goes down
We must return
Track Name: How Up (Do High Knee)
Hey! You gotta get down
To the beat
Hey! Cause we're turning
Up the heat
Hey! Shake your veggies
Shake your meat
Track Name: Wanted
I was a mess when they called me up
I’d get another chance
There´s a place that you need to rob
We got to the scene at night
Everything seemed cool and quiet
Til shots rang through the air
Hell broke loose we were eye to eye
Would I get out of this place alive?
I guess they´ve also seen my face
Now we´re wanted
All over town
We should have known better
Should have burned
The whole damn place to the ground
I´d give all my money
And all my might
For one more try
So I could make it right
Let´s put our feet to rest
Though the dogs keep barking far away
and there´s snakes there in that grass
I see the blood dripping on the ground
I see the flashlights coming closer
Here comes my final stand
Track Name: Trees
Tuck me in
Kiss me goodnight
I feel the roots below
Morning comes
My have you grown
And I´ve grown too
It all makes sense
You got me going
Where I couldn´t
Have gone before
You give all you got
It´s such a lot
I´m home at last
Track Name: Fast Or Far
Driving back to the city
To see my friends
To improvise I’ve got to
Plan in advance
Let´s gather ´round the table
For this notable cause
Ties loose tie one on
Let´s propose a toast
If you want to go fast
You might want to go alone
But if you want to go far
You’ve got to go
With your friends
It´s a circle of trust
And a wall of sound
No matter where I go
The trail is northbound
So lend me an ear
And be a man of your word
Then you´ll be merry in the swarm
And feel safe in the herd
Sneakers and a three-piece suit
Journeymen are getting juiced
Sharing a curbstone
From eight pm til dawn
Open water divers
In the pelagic zone
Everyone all but alone
Walking alleys and cruising main
We all ride that gravy train
We ain’t going fast
But it sure gets us far
And when the well runs dry
There’ll still be water in my eye
Flowing freely
There are a lot of feathers
On the pigeon’s wing
Like there are a lot of jewels
On a wedding ring
What is original
And what is plagiarized
Some things don´t do good
But they sure look nice
Track Name: Hand Grenades & Harmonies
Migraines pricey remedies
Mercenaries candy thieves
Middlemen profanities
A song without a melody
Faraway catastrophes
A dozy little mystery
Rich men preach frugality
Important speeches no relief
I'm on thin ice most of the day
I turn my back on the decay
I can't relate to what they say
For nine more minutes I will lay
I take no interest in the news
I mostly make up my own truth
Inside my walls I will be safe
From all the grateful and the great
At least I know that I will feel
Illusionary safety
Hand grenades and harmonies
A steady diet of TV
Intermittent make-believe
They start a war
While preaching peace
Track Name: Void
Enthusiastically dancing
In a ballroom full of ghosts
A dreadful melody is playing
Stepping on their toes
Awkwardly carousing
Remnants of the past
Stumbling 'round the present
The future's coming fast
Where is the deeper meaning
Can it be just a game
Grim Reaper keeps on grinning
But no one seems concerned
A careful little love affair
With an outlandish ambition
Secrets that are never shared
Bring seas of contradiction
Ideas of wicked wisdom
And notions that seem weird
Scatterbrained and moribund
Preaching to the herd
Where is the deeper meaning
Can it be just a game
Grim Reaper keeps on grinning
But no one seems concerned
What matters has been fading
Gently into a blur
And all that is remaining
A void without a name
A gospel that cannot be heard
In a church without a god
The sermon plays on the absurd
The congregation still applauds